Wind chimes; a way to remember your travels

I’m here to share a unique way to remember your travels, which looks pretty bloody cool if I do say so myself!

One per place/ trip (for my big trip I couldn’t do one per country!).

From left to right:

  1. The monasteries in Meteora- Greece
  2. Family holiday in Cornwall- England
  3. Mykonos – Greece
  4. South Africa
  5. The collar of our cat that passed away
  6. Pretty thing off the internet!
  7. Aberystwyth- Wales
  8. Birmingham- England- my university town!
  9. York- England
  10. Lanzarote
  11. Not from a special place, it’s just pretty.
  12. Lloret de Mar- Spain
  13. Hoi An- Vietnam
  14. Ibiza
  15. Barcelona- Spain

Additionally, the big chimes not hanging in window:
Right: South Africa

Alright, admittedly some of these are not from trips I’ve done but the majority have special meanings. It’s nice to watch these twinkle in the morning because they’re little shining reminders of the places I’ve been …

And I think that’s pretty cool…

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