The seventh book I read this year was A Court of Sugar and Spice by Rebecca f Kenney. This was another author I discovered through my podcast The Lazy Book Lovers Podcast, on our indie author feature episodes.

A brief summary

The story begins with sisters Clara and Louisa starting their new lives in the home of their Godfather, a close friend of their father’s who has just passed away. They are to live under his household until they marry and can inherit the money their father left to them. He is a prolific inventor but the girls quickly discover many strange things about his house, his eerie automaton servants and the dolls house in his workshop. When Louisa accidentally breaks and then attempts to repair the Nutcracker doll, cutting herself in the process, she is astonished when that doll becomes a fully grown fae male.

Soon they discover the dark side to their God father and escape into fairy with cursed fae prince. In his absence, his court has been invaded by the rat king, so the girls must help him navigate the land and reverse his curse.

My thoughts

This is a lovely, unapologetically fluffy romance fantasy book! The world it’s set in is surprisingly rich for such short, fun romantasy book and the characters are enjoyable. It’s not a book with a whole lot of depth but that is not the point. It’s a genuinely enjoyable book with a little bit of smut thrown in.