Antonia Bernardin

Reading. Writing. Ranting.


Umm hi?

What can I tell you about me?

I did a degree in English and Creative writing and I’m currently a Marketing Co-Ordinator for a Biotech company. A few years back I did the stereotypical travel thing and went to 26 countries but now I work from home in a room that’s 6ft by 4ft at best with 80+ plants and 3 groaning bookshelves. So, I’m fully living the dream…

I hope to be a published writer one day, or at least be paid in some way for writing eventually, either as my full time job, or as a side thing and this blog is a small part of that endeavour, so thanks for reading!

In 2021 I started The Lazy Book Lovers podcast with my amazing friend Natali Topliff, a place for people who are looking for bookish friends who are passionate about reading, whether or not you read one book or a hundred.

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P.S. Most pictures are either taken myself, found on google, or using Canva’s stock images- for which the rites belong to the original artist, not me!

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