Have you heard of the comedian Greg Davies?



If not, don’t worry it’s only slightly relevant…

In his stand up tour ‘Firing cheese balls at a dog’ he decides to tell his life through a series of random thoughts and stories. Occasionally diving into his ‘book of pithy tales’

Here’s a link to an example (warning his comedy can be a little bit graphic!):Greg Davies’ pithy tales

So,yeah, basically I kind of plan to go about things the same way. Except my stories are not nearly so delightfully strange.

Therefore, the running theme for this blog will be whatever the hell I feel like talking about at that particular time. If you’ve ever read the ‘how to’ nonsense about how to create a popular blog, you’ll know this may be a fool’s errand but there you go. If you want to sift through the nonsense, please use the category drop down list, which filter it down to only the stuff you are interested in!



Today’s Thought of the day is this; why do authors hangs the design of their bloody book covers? It is RUINING my nerdy collections (see exhibits A and B:

Do you see? It infuriates me on a level that suggests I may need to find a hobby but still… the original covers either cost a fortune, or they never released the newer books in a series with the old designs.

The book I’m currently reading is the prequel to the Maze Runner book series ‘The Kill Order’. Having just finished the original three books. They are really interesting books but I was definitely thrown by the fact that the films have chosen to ignore almost everything that happens in the books. Between the grievers, the mind games WICKED plays, the way they actually escape WICKED and the much more complicated relationship between Thomas and Teresa- I really wish they’d actually made films of the books!

So far the prequel is proving just as interesting but having to go to work is really slowing down my ability to read it as fast as I’d like! #adulthoodsucks

And that’s all I felt like talking about today so there you go…

Do follow just in case my life gets more interesting and I’ll return the favour 😊