Sorry for the little absence for a while there, the stupid day job is very much getting in the way of my creative brain in the evenings right now!

My book number 12 for #100booksin2019 (yes, I’m aware my chances of succeeding with this challenge are dwindling by the week…) is Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare. If you’ve ever reading any of my other ‘What I’m Reading’ posts, you’ll know I’m a big fan of her books. Usually when an author keeps adding to a universe *cough J K Rowling* they ruin it but as usual with her books she drip feeds you all these beautful extra stories and details about our favourit characters from previous books.

This book is a compilation of short stories released online, most of which relate in some way, from what I’ve read so far, to Jem Carstairs and the other characters from The Infernal Devices book series. She pads out the world from those existing characters very well, yet the stories function as complete isolated narratives. Meaning you get this nice little soup of satisfying complete endings, whilst feeling completely teased and wanting more. I will admit, I may be biased. I can very openly say that I enjoy this author and she coud write a book that was complete rubbish but I would still sit here telling you how amazing it is.

Have a little read of the Goodreads summary and decide for yourselves but I’m loving this book, which has lead to a steep decline in the sleep I’ve been getting this week!