I’m incredibly behind in updating this blog, blame the stupid day job, it’s very busy around this time of year!

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was book number 20 for my 100 books in 2019 challenge (so disappointing how far I’ve gotten with that!). I’d seen the film and really enjoyed it, despite not really being into retro gaming, I really loved the book too!

I couldn’t help but marvel at how much research must have gone into this book, even if the author was really into retro games and 80’s trivia before writing, it was still incredibly in depth. Perhaps to the extent that it would be possible to find it boring but it was all relevant as bread crumbs to keys. The only part I felt the film was lacking, that I was surprised to find in the book, was the character development that occurs for the main protagonist. The book takes place over a very long period of time, almost a year, and he goes through a lot of change in this period, even beginning to see this virtual world he has encased himself him in as a kind of prison. He begins to understand that the worse the world gets the more people are hiding in this virtual one, which is why things are only getting worse.

I really loved the pace of this book, despite how in depth nerdy it does get, I didn’t find that it slowed down the pace that much. I just overall really enjoyed this book, I was pleasantly surprised, as others had told me it was very good but since I found it on sale for £1, I thought ‘hey, why not?’ . Have to say I’m not sorry I read it, especially as it’s very different to the kind of thing I usually read.

Here’s the Good Reads plot summary, for anyone interested.

There will be a few more ‘What I’m Reading’ to follow, as I’ve got so many to update! Stay tuned!