Nerdy memes for book lovers & Writers

These are all Pinterest finds and have been pinned to my boards, all credit goes to the original posters’!


Dear to the Heart




3. (I can never resist a Terry Pratchett quote)

Terry Pratchett


4. This is just cool

As a native English speaker, I've never thought about this, but it's totally true_


5. As a writer, you can only hope to do this to someone one day.







Literary Memes on Instagram_ “I need to write an essay an essay about Hamlet,,, instead I’m on here_ - ID_ a Tumblr post_ “I judge a book based on how disoriented I am…”

9. Just some nerdy grammar stuff for you:





11. Is there a tinder for writers? Asking for a friend…

And why you know in your heart that's not going to change anytime soon_



FunSubstance - All


The Halfblood Rockstar(Percy Jackson Fanfiction) - Ꮲrolouge



Funny Tumblr Memes Posts Of The Day (40 Pics)



13.scrolling through Pinterest instead of writing



Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much more

15. For real though…

Writing humor, humor for writers, funny writing stuff, fun for writers_


Writers, Write!



19 Jokes That Writers Will Probably Find Funny


That’s all I had ready to go,  it’s four in the morning so I’m going to leave that on an irritating uneven number…


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