First the ‘great resignation’ and now this bullshit? I’m sorry you don’t get to be outraged by a trend of people literally just doing their jobs. You just don’t get to be mad about that.

‘Quiet quitting’ is this term that has been doing the rounds lately, which was defined in a BBC article as:

“What is quiet quitting?

Despite the name, it actually has nothing to do with quitting your job. 

It means doing only what your job demands and nothing more. Quitting doing anything extra. You still show up for work, but stay strictly within the boundaries of your job requirements. So no more helping out with additional tasks or checking emails outside work hours.”

So that’s it, the thing everyone is in so much uproar about is the phenomenon of people JUST DOING THEIR JOBS.

Are you kidding me?

How is this even a discussion?

Why is it considered the norm to be doing overtime, skipping breaks, not using holiday days (PTO) and leaving work AT WORK? Why isn’t that the big headline? We’ve been conditioned to accept that as what is normal when ITS RIDICULOUS.

Of course when we were locked in our homes, no longer exhausted and living to work and doing nothing else, we realised that was a ridiculous way to live.

I don’t understand why people think this is so revolutionary? Loyalty in the workplace is generally not rewarded, ‘going the extra mile’ usually results in you doing the role of three people for a quarter of the wage. Doing the ‘hard graft’ generally does not result in the same rewards as it would have for the working generations before us, so why would we continue on that way?

Viva the work-life balance revolution.

I’m so tired of this discussion, you don’t get to be mad about people just doing their jobs, if the role requires overtime, or someone doing work in excess of their current role and responsibilities

That’s why employers are pissed, they can no longer get all this extra work for cheap. Stop trying to get all high and mighty, stop playing the ‘snowflake’ card. Gen z grew up through what, like, 3 recessions? Were unable to get entry level roles because millennials were still stuck in them. As they continue to flood the workplace, I promise you they will not put up with this bullshit. They know there’s no reward and they aren’t going to go through a decade of burnout first, like most millennials did, before they decided to ‘quietly quit’.