1.  Hurry up


Do you really need to hog that peice of equipment for AN HOUR? by all means, do the number of reps you need to do but can you give other people time to use it too?

2. We know when you’re looking.


Are you enjoying that T.V on the wall behind us? Have you spent enough time primping in the mirror? Are you enoying your stroll up and down the gym floor?


We really don’t need your advice.

gym meme

However well intentioned, unless we ask, or are literally about to injure ourselves, please save the advice!


Please let us in the weights section

lions staring

Don’t get me wrong, it’s getting a lot more acceptable to go into the weights section but, whether unconsciously or not, y’all still stare quite a bit.



Don’t flirt when we’re red in the face.


It’s all about timing and, as flattered as we are, I really don’t want to be it on when sweat is dripping down my back. How are am I even attractive right now? Is that really the power of the gym leggings?


Shut up.

gym meme 2

Now, I’ll admit this isn’t necessarily exclusive to men but you are the worst culprits. If I can hear you over the music in my headphones you are too loud!



Why do you take up so much space?


This does tie into number one but if a guy is in the area with the mats, he’ll have three sets of dumbells, a barbell, maybe one or two benches, a couple of kettle bells and HE IS USING ALL OF THEM. Look around, you’ll see most girls trying to tuck themselves into little corners.


Why do you compete with me?

gym meme 4

* exchange the word dude above for girl. I’m a slightly chubby 5ft 2″ girl, do you really need to be checking my running speed on the treadmill? Or seeing the weight I’m using on a piece of equipment? Like, really? I’m not doing anything all that impresive, nor am I shit…?


Gym couples

gym meme 5

I mean aw, yay for your love but you know what is worse than pda? Pda at the gym.
(I realise, again, this isn’t exclusively the guys who are fault here)


Gym bros

gym meme 6

Ergh I mean of course you’re little gym bromances are irritating but they are also COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ADORABLE! Just you both supporting each other, checking on each other and ocassionally discussing real life deep shit between reps. It’s a side of guy friendships girls don’t usually get to see.