The reason I haven’t done one of these in a while is

a: new job is hectic and tiring as hell
b: reading a seven book series around that is taking me foreverrrrrr

I am a fast reader. I enjoy reading. I cannot sleep without having read for a bit first but it’s taken me almost two months to read 5 of this 7 book series, which is very slow for me!

Anyway, on to the books.

They are about an unlikely kid who becomes the heir to the keys to ‘The House’, a place that borders all of reality/ reality was created from it by the ‘architect’. When the architect leaves (or dies… I guess I’ll find out), she leaves behind a will with instructions for the rightful heir, which the ‘morrow days’ disobeys and splits into seven pieces. When Arthur is selected to become the ‘heir’ of the keys, he must recover the peices of the will and claim the keys back from the morrow days.

Now, dispite how complicated that explanation seems, they are acually a relative easy read. The first one starts a little slow and I would not say it is as riveting as his other series Abhorsen but it still leaves me needing to know what happens next. Once I actually find the time to read, the pages just fly by. I especially enjoy the pointless bureaucracy within the house, where the written words holds a lot of power. Having recently joined a large organisation  myself (nope, will not tell y’all internet strangers know what I do), where paperwork and proper procedure are key, Arthur’s frustration is hilariously relateable.

To read a proper summary of the series Follow this link