How to become a writer kit

Get a collection of pretty notebooks you’ll never write in.


Get a collection of pretty pens that you’ll find literally any excuse to write with.


Fill a few pages of a notebook (not one of the pretty ones you bought before though!) with journal entries, bullet points and thought webs, in mutiple colours, of course.


Make a Pinterest board full of #writingtips and #inspirationalquotes


Buy a few writing self help books. Never read them.


Have a few conversations with yourself in the shower, work out the perfect dialougue, don’t write any of it down.


Stare at a blank word document,  write nothing.




Create a bunch of jumbled up notes on your phone, written at all hours of the day, which make absolutely no sense to you later.


Become filled with existential dread that maybe you’re a big fake with a ridiculous dream that thousands of other people with the same experiences and education share, that you have no original thoughts and no imagination. That you’ve been wasting your time and energy on something that will never come to fruition.



Write a few words, feel suddenly better, picture what the movie of your book will be like.

happy dance

(FYI all the pictures feature my own things -apart from the gifs- I tick all 10 of these in the list fo ‘ sho’)

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