Here’s my review of book number 4 of #100booksin2019, I’m a little behind in updating these because a holiday meant I powered through a few books!

I am reading ‘Good Night Mr Tom’, which I had read once before in school but I was nine so I thought a re- read was due. First thing I want to say is: cannot believe I read this so young, it’s so sad and deals with some very serious issues! Secondly: I have never wanted to hug a fictional character so badly.

The story is set at the very start of WWII and centres on evacuee ‘Willie’, who comes to stay with the gruff and reclusive ‘Mr Tom’. It quickly becomes apparent that Willie has been severly abused by his Mother and tells the endearing tale of him learning to love and trust Mr Tom, flourishing under his care. We also see Tom start to heal from the loss of his wife and child, becoming a part of his community again through and for Will (as he becomes known later in the book). The start of the war is almost sub plot in the background of their relationship and lives together. My heart genuinely broke for Will, as the story switches between his and Mr. Tom’s point of view, in the beggining we see his abject fear and anxiety; the narrative following the train of thought of someone who has long been used to abuse discovering what it is to be loved and cared for. I seem to always say this but I loved this book! Absolutely recommend it, I’m very glad I read it again!

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Once again, the book featured in the image is my own, from Amazon!