We’re almost up to date from my holiday reading spree. I recently read Artemis by Andy Weir, the author of The Martian. This is book 5 of #100booksin2019 !

I genuinly enjoy this author, he turns space jargon and possibly very nerdy science fiction into easy and enjoyable reading. The main character in Artemis is witty, wicked smart and more importantly, one of the most well written female protagonists by a male author I have ever read; especially as it’s told from her point of view. He sets up this neigbourhood, with its own cultural rules and values that just so happpens to be on the moon and it’s done so well, so very real feeling. The thing I enjoy most about this author’s book is that they flow so well, the narration is smooth and the story so well paced that with both this book and The Martian I read them in one day without getting bored. Oddly enough, there wasn’t really a point driving this novel, like in The Martian, where the entire goal is to get him home. It tells the story of the protagonist getting mixed up in things controlled by organised crime, as well as slowly filling you in on a series of bad personal choices that lead her to getting involved. The end result is she prevents a corrupt buisness from controlling the Artemis space station and in the process, heals some of the relationships she has with her father and friends. Action, drama, sciencey crap, what else could you need?

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In short, definetely read Artemis and The Martian! I’m looking forward to this guy writing more in future.