10 signs you’re becoming a #bookaddict

1. When there are books for reading:

And books that just look pretty:

2. You’ve spent more hours than you’d care to tell your friends arranging them.

(and its never perfect)


3. When pay day looks like this:

4. When there’s a strict set of rules for anyone who borrows one of them

book borrowing meme

5. When you have mutiple versions of the same story…

Because the other ones are just too pretty!


6.  When you have shelves full of books that have probably cost you hundreds in total

books no ragrets


7.  If sleep is lower down on the priority list than finishing a book



8. and you feel the weight of the ones you haven’t read yet

wip 5

*strokes their spines and whispers “soon my pretty, soon…”*


9.  But you can never have too many books

books more books

10. And reality is just no fun anymore

books reading

book reading2

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