I spend an enormous amount of time scrolling through Pinterest looking at memes about what being a writer means to people, the way other artists view us, the way those less gifted as story tellers view us. The whole thing fascinates me. There are things I do that I never realised were universal to people with an enjoyment for writing until Pinterest came into my life!

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So why do you love writing?

I couldn’t pin point exactly why I enjoy it so much, I just know I always have. My poor parents have suffered through shite stories since I was capable of writing them (however, since university I try avoid them reading it, there something about a parents opinion that’s always a little too brutally honest and they know nothing that deep has ever happened to me).


I just know that it’s almost a compulsion, if I don’t do it every now and again I get antsy. I will be doing something mundane and everyday when I story will hit me, or an idea or even a phrase. I don’t know a time in my life where I haven’t had these miniature worlds in my head. Even doing this, which is just another kind of work for me is enjoyable, at no point am I bored.


Maya angelou











My favourite part is that moment, when you’re typing without pause, the words are flowing and the entire world falls away as this thing you’ve created pours out of your head. I love being totally enveloped in a world of my own making. I love imagining someone else enjoying it as much as I do. I love the idea that maybe one day I can make someone else feel the way some books have made me feel.

Oh my writing may be awful in the end but I love reading what I’ve written, I love reading the stories and poems I’ve created. Even the terrible ones from when I was a teenager.

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I do this, I spend hours of my life creating things, with the knowledge it might come to nothing. It might be that only a hand full of people ever end up reading my stories. Maybe I’ll never get published at all.

But that’s not the point…

The point is the doing

and I guess that’s why I love writing.



I was feeling a little epic when I wrote this but please feel free to comment or retweet/ share my post about this blog from twitter or instagram telling me why you fell in love with writing.

Lawrence Kasdan #writing quote

I will leave you with this last meme that I feel sums up what considering yourself a writer feels like:







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