What I’m Reading- The Dark Artifices

I have finally finished reading numbers 19-22 of my 100 books in a year challenge with Lady Midnight, Lord of Shadows & Queen of Air and Darkness. My mission to re- read all my Cassandra Clare books may have set me back on the year goal but as soon as I am back in the office I will have a longer commute and I intend to fill it by reading more (and some shorter novels, I am fast reader usually!)

I first read these books on a plane and then on a beach in Thailand, so they have some very happy, important memories tied to them but they have stood up against every re-read (this is my 3rd…). I have a self confessed bias for books by this author and I delved into how much I love her books not just as fantasy novels but for how well I think she writes characters from all walks of life before. These books are great example of that but I don’t want to go on again. Click here to read my thoughts on The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments, or visit the ‘What I’m Reading‘ category as they will all be my latest posts.

These books follow characters we met in The Mortal Instruments Series, centring on Emma and Julian and the Blackthorn family. Both orphaned by the Dark War (I.e. the events that occur in The Mortal Instruments), they find themselves at the head of a large family and raising Julian’s younger siblings. As the books progress we learn how much of that burden has fallen on Julian, who, after realising his Uncle was not mentally fit to run the Institute or raise he and his siblings; takes on the heavy burden of doing both on his own in a bid to keep his family together. Even becoming parabatai with Emma, so the Clave would not separate them either.

The books open with Emma and their guest Shadowhunter, Christina, investigating a potential attack of a mundane, in connections with killings that seem somehow related to the death of Emma’s parents. Their deaths were ruled a casualty of the Dark war but Emma has always believed otherwise, continuing the investigation without the Clave’s knowledge. This series of murders also involves people who are part or even full blooded fey, which breaks the laws set out under the Cold Peace. The Cold Peace was a solution reached after the Fairies betrayed Downworlders (other supernatural beings) and Shadow hunters in the Dark War; this solution stripped them of a lot of their rights and protections under the Accords (treaty between Shadowhunter and Downworlders, which affords them the same protections the Shadowhunter’s give ordinary humans).

Fairy representatives from the Fey courts soon arrive at the institute to strike a bargain with them to investigate the murders, in exchange for the return of their eldest brother. Mark was kidnapped when the institute was invaded during the Dark War and given to The Wild Hunt, a fairy band of hunters that ride the night sky and reap from the dead. When the Clave voted for the Cold Peace they also voted that nothing was to be done to retrieve Mark because he was part fairy and they also exiled the eldest sister (also part fairy) to the remote island that protects the Wards which keep demons out.

In doing so they become embroiled in a tale of necromancy, which results in the resurrection of their distant ancestor and the death of the Warlock who revived her. Emma finally learns why her parents died in the process but the only thing Julian is seeking throughout is to keep his family together, get his lost siblings back and not lose Emma in the attempt.

Plus, of course, as always with a Cassie book, there is a love story. Julian and Emma begin to realise that they have feelings for one another but it is forbidden for Parabatai to love each other romantically. In the beginning no one really knows why but we learn as the novels go on of the parabatai curse and how it magnifies their angelic powers to monstrous heights. For fear of hurting each other, or worse, being split from each other or the kids in their charge, they try to fight these emotions. They are my fourth favourite couple in all the shadowhunter books!

I won’t say anymore because I’m close to giving away the ending. I will say that I was surprised the end of book two didn’t make me cry this time but I did find myself crying at the aftermath described at the beginning of the third. I think this speaks to the power of the writing that it can still get to me on a 3rd read! But these books carry the same brilliant sense of humour and depth as all the others, with the bonus of introducing us to a great new group fo characters, which looks like they will be carried through into future books!

I have two more books left in mission to re -read all my Cassandra Clare books, so stay tuned for more What I’m Reading book reviews to follow!

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