‘The Prompt Project’ are posts that are essentially a way for me to exercise my creative muscles, without all the pressure that comes from writing my WIP for example.

I post what I write on the spot, I don’t impose a word limit or time it, just go with whatever my brain spits out for as long it keeps up the momentum. I’ll literally see prompt, write and then post the results.

Here’s Prompt project number 3, this ones a Pinterest find and a little bit vague, so we’ll see where this takes us:

Write the happiest day you can think of”

Here we go:

I Don’t Have the Words

I wish I had the words to tell you how beautful everything is. When I sat here, on the wooden planks, with my feet dangling in the water, pen and paper in hand, I almost wrote poetry! I didn’t have the words though.

How do you describe sunshine, which fills your chest and warms your skin? How do I tell you that I feel so joyful in this moment? That this scene reflects my very soul so utterly that I needed to try, just for you, to capture it?

I wish I could tell you how the waves hitting the shoreline in a slow, gentle rush, is so quiet and peaceful that I almost cried? For the first time in a long time, I am not racing or rushing. I thought I was already feeling at peace here but then I found this spot and it filled me; my heart is full.

Close by, someone who loves me is cooking food and I can smell it. I think it’s my favourite because the rich spices are mixing with the salty smell in whispering up from the sea. I can hear distant music too, just enough to be out of reach but close enough so I can feel life at my back. You always used to talk about how you liked to be in a crowd but separate from it. To feel all that beautiful life surrounding you, to feel part of the ebb and flow of life. I understand now. There is so much life here, although, it’s mostly just nature going about its business, it still makes me understand you a little better.

I never knew the sun could look like this, either, you know? This warm, radiating presence. You should see the way it catches the light of the waves. Like a million diamonds are being thrown into the air. It’s stupid but sometimes I feel like it’s waving to me, welcoming me. It’s like a show just for me and the grand finale is when it sets; like someone’s gone rogue with the finger paints, splotching purple and pink with no regard.

And the blue?

The blue is so deep sometimes. I’m sure someone has poured the ocean into the sky. As though the deepest depths of the sea were smeared and scattered, just to help the sunlight’s final word for the day a little more dramatic. Like it’s prepping us for the night, welcoming it like an old friend.

I wanted you to understand my joy, my happiness, maybe feel it a little too. All these words cannot tell you. I don’t have the words. Humans are too small to capture infinite wonder like this. My point is, life is not so dark, not when places like this exist in the world. Not when your heart has the potential to find this place inside it. You can feel reckless joy without destruction, without destroying others or it destroying you.

I hope you find it and you can find me when you’re ready.

There you go, I tried to imagine how I would tell the story of one of the happiest days of my life and this is what the wee brain spat out.

Did you enjoy it? I won’t know if you don’t like the post *winks awkwardly*.

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