Alright, so this year has been a shit show, there’s no need to reiterate why. But, since I am naturally of the glass-half-empty disposition, I thought I’d scrape together some happy things that have occurred to me this year, in vague attempt to cheer us all up.

  1. Left a job I was truly unhappy in, started my new job (the week the UK went into lockdown 1!)

  2. Time spent working from home/ lock down dog walks helped an injury (trapped nerve) I’d had for a while get significantly better. I went back to the gym recently and felt no pain!

  3. All this time spent on video calls, both personal and professional, have helped me to get over a lot of insecurities I had about being in videos or photos. I finally even kind of like the sound of my recorded voice.

  4. The extra time off (I was on reduced hours earlier in the lockdown/ restrictions) has given me the time to sort out my room and get a lot of things organised that fell by the wayside in my previous busy job. Now my room is a peaceful place to retreat too.

  5. With nothing else to spend my money on and B&Q being one of the first stores to open, my ‘interest’ (obsession) in house plants was able to flourish:

  1. I started painting, which is something I never thought I was very good at. It’s just pots but still, I’ve bought some canvasses that I intend to have a go at doing too.
  1. My friends and I are possibly more communicative and social than we ever were before lockdown 1.

  2. 15k progress on the WIP, the most in a year that I’ve ever done. Plus a few other little steps towards the hope to be a legit writer some day.

  3. Spent A LOT of time with my family, probably the most I’ve spent with them in years.

  4. We got this gorgeous idiot:

There you go, I made to a whole ten things, just for you.

Tell me your positive nuggets from 2020 below!