This might be a bigger window into my own psychology than I’d prefer to give strangers on the internet but if you’ve wandered onto TikTok lately, specifically, #booktok, there’s been a lot of posts discussing their favourite cheesy book tropes. So, I thought I’d have a little fun and share some of mine, which will also, unashamedly, be appearing in my writing because it’s fun.

Let’s start by defining what I mean by trope, please see the dictionary definition:

Although they might be tacky and overdone, here’s the list of tropes that I will *never* get tired of:

  1. Grouchy/angry/strict/scary character with a soft side
    Are they grim faced and battle worn but soft and squishy on the inside? YES PLEASE
  1. Enemies to lovers
    This is the one that’s particularly trending on TikTok but whenever an MC meets an attractive character they *hate*, you just know it is ON and I love it.
  1. The ‘tell it like it is’ best friend
    Straight talking bestie who is the ONLY sensible person, suggesting reasonable shit while the MC runs around doing stupid stuff and is always right in the end? Ohhhh yes, more of that please.

  2. Love at first sight romances
    Stars colliding instantaneous love? Over done and unrealistic? Yes.

    Do I still enjoy it deep down in my little girly heart? Also, yes.
  1. Love triangles
    What do you expect from someone who read books like Twilight and Hunger Games in their formative years? Plus, the incredibly cheesy House of Night novels (if you know, you know).
  1. The ‘I’m not like other girls’ girl
    *cough* Bella from Twilight*cough* but you know what? When you were a little bit… ‘quirky’ in school, you wishhhhhhed it was because you were mysteriously special like a lot of these girls supposedly are in these kind of novels. However, in reality, the ‘not like other girls girl’ have the same non- existent personality as the popular girls who bully them. Admittedly, they are better written these days but still, my little teenage heart loves them.

  2. Slow burn romance
    Do they take an entire 6 book novels series before they even kiss? Perfect. Astonishing. Groundbreaking. Yes please, more of that.
  1. Morally grey villains
    Mr. EVIL MC EVIL who actually started out doing the bad thing for a decent reason and it got out of hand or the power went to their head? Yes please. Or the thoroughly bad villain whose actually very charming and likeable? Yes that to please.
  1. The ‘Chosen One’ main character
    Chosen by a prophecy? Perfect. Mysteriously powerful and the only one who can save the day? Also, perfect. Unknown back story or birthright forcing them into a pivotal position in X conflict? Yes, of course, amazing.
  1. Nerdy, smart character without whom they’d all die
    Power to the nerds. That is all I have to say.

There you go, these are mine, what are yours?

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