Alright, let’s keep this short and simple, as I know all of our to be read piles are currently waiting for us as we guiltily peruse the internet.

  1. I have, as a grown working adult, seen sunrise more times than I can count because of reading.

Granted, I am a slight insomniac but still, this is something I feel I should have overcome in adulthood. I should be capable of putting a book down before the sun reminds that reality is grouching like a gremlin waiting for me, right?

You know that tick tock sound ‘ohhh I fucked up’ ? Das me fo’ sure

  1. I have left a social event to go home and read… #soznotsoz

Like, I’ve mainly left to go home to my bed and sleep but, also… that’s where the books are. (Also, picture of Rory Gilmore because she is the queen of reading whenever she damn well pleases.)

  1. I even read when I come home tipsy

Is it effective? No. Are the words a little blurry? Sometimes. But this is apparently the only way I can fall asleep now until the end of time. Point 2 and point 3 might be related but don’t think about it too hard…

  1. The book is always better than the movie.

No we will not shut up. It’s. Just. Better.

Enjoy your meagre scraps of the original story, peasants.

  1. Yes, sometimes the imaginary people in these books are better company than you

I know they are people someone made up in their head, whom I’ve then conjured in my head whilst reading but any book nerd will tell you how strongly you can feel about your pretend peeps in a book.

  1. Let us talk to you about books and you’ll have a friend for life

Too many times has my tiny heart been crushed by someone cutting me off while I talk about a nerdy interest.

And on the other side, the friends that will let me babble about what I’ve been reading for a moment, even when they aren’t readers are just… the pinnacle of awesomeness

  1. If we lend you a book we’ve picked out for you because you’ll enjoy it, please read it, or just say no thank you if you don’t want too.

I guess this is one of those examples of someone’s ‘love language’, giving you a book is ours, please don’t leave it gathering dust un-read until we have to ask for it back…

  1. Anything is a book mark if you’re brave enough

Although I’m a stickler these days for using proper books marks, truly, anything will do in a pinch.

  1. We will never have enough books, just accept that

Don’t ask me if ‘I really need more books’, don’t ask me how much I’ve spent. Just nod supportively as I take you through what I’ve bought.

  1. I can *and will* tune you out completely in order to read

Whole conversations just *ping* gone, nothing went in, I apologise (this is a very useful skill for reading in a crowded place, however)