This is very subjective to what I’ve recently been reading/ have books that I found myself drawn back to re-reading often- not really based on the author’s personality or views.

1. Terry Pratchett

My all time favourite author, I can never recommend his books enough. They are so much more than fantasy and every literary snob can leave now if you’re going to be judge me for that. There’s several different series set within the Discworld.

There’s also more than 50 of them… so if you’re looking to commit to a binge read, this is the one for you.

2. Cassandra Clare

Love all her books, I love how diverse her characters are, I love the romances in the books (soz not soz… I am very girly in my reading tastes). I enjoy the fantasy world she’s built in the shadow hunters books too (this will also be a running theme).

3. Garth Nix

Specifically, The Abhorsen books but I have read other books of his that I’ve enjoyed. Besides Harry Potter, these would be the books that made me fall in love with the genre and they are probably the most re-read of all my books, to the point where I’ve ruined them for myself.

4. Veronica Roth

Most well known for the Divergent books but I have read her other books, which I absolutely loved, especially Carve the Mark. I just love her world building, I love the relationships in her books and I can re-read them over and over.

5. Derek Landy

He is the author of the Skulduggery Pleasant books, which I recently read from start to finish and so, he is my newest favourite but I feel like he’ll be holding the spot for a while. He is also one of the few authors that I’ve followed on social media, who has been enjoyable to follow.

Between that and the hilarious Forwards he writes for his books (you can find them if you google them, trust me, you won’t be sorry), he might be the only one I like as a person outside of them being there invisible voice behind the book I’m reading.

A conclusion of sorts…

Also… I do have sneaky sixth if it wouldn’t make the post untidy but I really love Leigh Bardugo, love her books and she’s fun to follow on instagram too.

I just enjoy an author who absolutely loves their craft and you can see that in how they speak about it. So I would also recommend find interviews with Terry Pratchett if you’re looking to feel inspired as a writer, or just for some great advice.

Do you have a favourite author(s)?