I don’t know about any of you but now the world has opened back up and restrictions have lifted, I’m struggling with readjusting to how busy life used to be. Was it always like this? Was I always this tired? Did I always have this little free time?

Even more than that my biggest problem is that, even though I have a blog where I regularly talk about bookish stuff, whether as a reader or a writer, right now, I really don’t have a lot of time for either. Although, I should explain, I did decide to start doing session with a personal trainer, driving lessons and upped the number of posts on here that I was trying to achieve per month, all at the same time. However, I still have a lot more free time than I used to have, when I still managed to find time for all this… so I dunno, but I wanted to make a post about it.

Are you still a book lover if you’ve only read one thing in a month?

This is especially true if you are on booktok or bookstagram regularly, there are people who do their reading updates for the month and it’s like, more books than I’ve read this year! These are people who are like me, twenty somethings in full time employment, presumably with social lives and gym memberships… so how are you doing this?

I go out of my way to make time to read, I carve out an hour here, an evening there, or most of my reading is done in the bath because it’s an hour where I’ll sit still and won’t have my phone with me.

I still only manage one – three books a month max. I actually read more when I had a commute to work but now I commute from my bed to my desk (still working from home).

Frankly, it’s a miracle anyone reads at all, life is just so busy. I don’t think I ever appreciated how much we, as a generation, have taken on this ‘always on the go’ ‘always be productive’ attitude. With this incipient fear of wasting time, or maybe that’s just me, for I am the burnout queen.

Anyway, I just thought it was worth making a mini post about, since I often advocate for finding time to read in your daily life over being on a screen all the time. I just thought it’d be helpful to know, even as someone who loves reading, owns hundreds of great books and likes to talk about books a lot, I still don’t have time to fucking read.

P.S. My friend and I, decided to create a bookish podcast The Lazy Book Lovers, for all people who enjoy a good bookish chat but don’t have pals they can do it with and also who don’t have time to actually read!