Although I pride myself on being a cynic in real life, in literature I’m the biggest sap ever. So here are my favourite book couples/ romances etc with very little logic or explanation and certainly no context

*warning- loads of swearing, I’m tired and really want to do this in the most unhinged way possible*

Will and Tessa, Jem and Tessa- The Infernal Devices

I’m not getting into the Wessa/ Jessa debate. I fucking love them both.

Juliet and Warner – Shatter Me Series

Okay, I can acknowledge that their relationship is a little toxic sometimes but oh how my tiny girly heart fluttered.

Kaz and Inej- Six of Crows

Ummm the bathroom scene? Excuse me, Leigh Bardugo, who gave you permission to do this to me? The end scene? At the railings? Oh. my. God

All I have left to say is ‘That’s the laugh’- if you know, you know.

Nina and Mathias- Six of Crows

Ummm once again, what the fuck Leigh Bardugo? What the fuck?

Jesper and Wylan- Six of Crows

ummm Jesper the charming, flirty king with Wylan, this shy, kind, clever, posh kid? Once again, Bardugo, my. fucking. heart

Basically guys, read Six of Crows.

Laia and Elias- An Ember in the Ashes

Sabaa Tahir drew this fucker out across four (bloody brilliant) books and I can’t even be mad about it. Well played, Tahir, well played.

Cyra and Akos- Carve the Mark- Veronica Roth

With these two it’s just, the total and utter acceptance of the other and all their flaws, everything they’ve done and everything they’ve overcome. They just grow together so fucking beautifully and I can’t even handle it.

Katniss and Peta- Suzzane Collins

Nah, fuck Gale and fuck the movies for making that more of a love triangle than it needed to be. The ending? In the field? Absolutely *cheffs kiss* perfection for me, I will hear no arguments.

Bronwyn and Nate- One of us is lying

Nerd and the Bad boy get together? Yes please.

Tobias (four) and Tris- Divergent Series

Still mad about the ending. Fuck you Veronica Roth.

Dorian and Zachary- The Starless Sea

Haven’t even finished this yet at the time of writing this but I already know it’s gunna be in here.

And finally, because I am of that era of fantasy fiction

Bella and Edward – Twilight… no, no, hear me out- I’m talking from the perspective of the time I read it, not in the way it makes my adult brain cringe and hold up red flags for days.

That’s the list. I hoped you enjoyed my chaotic list of anger that my heart’s not made of stone. I’m a massive fucking sap and I know it.

Tell me yours in the comments below?