The next update on my recent reads is The Flames of Albiyon by Jean Z Menzies, who is another author I discovered through my podcast’s indie author feature episodes.

Sort of summary

Adairia’s life as a scholar at the university of Albiyon is turned upside down when she unwittingly awakens a dragon egg that they thought was long dormant. These dragons form a bond with the human they imprint on whilst still in their egg and so suddenly Adairia’s life revolves around this tiny dragon entirely, the first one to hatch in centuries. At the same time as this Albiyon’s long lasting peace seems to be in jeopardy, as a plague sweeps through the crops of the land and plots within the government and the University board start to unravel.

What did I think?

This is a nice read, maybe a little more on young side of young adult than I tend to read but this is an enjoyable book all the same, it has a talking dragon, a cool library and a very sweet LGBTQIA+ romance! The world its set in is interesting, the whole concept of talking dragons is very classic fantasy, which I love and the characters are great.