Books number 42 and 43 that I read this year were Fae’s Mate and Fae’s Flight by Luna Daye, an indie author I found out about through my podcast: Lazy Book Lovers.

An attempt at summarising

The first book opens with Seki serving a customer at her bakery before they both experience a strange sensation and suddenly find themselves in an Autumnal woods, next to two beings they quickly discover are Fae and 10 other humans. The Prince of the Autumn court and the Prince of the Summer court used their combined power in attempt to pull through the Autumn Court Prince’s mate. Instead, they seem to have pulled through 11 other humans alongside her. The first book switches between Seki and The High Lord of the Autumn Court points of view and both quickly realise there is some kind of magnet attraction between the two of them and they begin to wonder if the Autumn Court Prince’s mate wasn’t the only mate pulled through. With magic draining from the Far realm without a single mated pair in over century, they soon realise there is hope yet for all the courts.

The second books follows a group of the 12 humans who are taken to the Summer court to share the burden of feeding and housing them, where it soon seems there may be more fated mates pairings on the horizon.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed these books, they are short, cute, fun reads. There’s great romances in both books and, in a nice turn of events for romance/ fantasy tale, there’s no long drawn out build up, as soon as the characters realise they are fated, their relationships fall into place quite naturally, which is refreshing compared to most books I’ve read with this trope. I had a nasty cold when I read these and it was exactly the kind of comfort read I was in need of!

As a bonus, both these books are free on Kindle Unlimited! I will definitely be checking out later books in the series.