I thought it’d be fun to begin the year with a little bit of thinking about my goals, I don’t usually do new year’s resolution’s because I don’t like the idea of making a plan for your whole year right at the start. But 2022 really tried to kick me into the dirt, so I wanted to start 2023 with some of the things I’m looking forward to/ hoping to achieve.

  • Pass my driving test (keep your collective fingers crossed for me)
  • Pay off remaining debts (younger me was stupid)
  • Save up enough to be in the position to move out/ actually move out
  • Travel to Venice or Florence
  • Hit between 500-1000 followers on Tiktok and maybe Instagram
  • Read 50 physical books, with maybe a total of 100 including audio
  • Update this blog two-three times a week year round
  • Take my podcast further and hopefully start to earn money from the cool content we make
  • Finally, finally have a finished first draft of my WIP story (more on that below)

2023 Writing Challenge to help this first draft become real

So, I’ve decided to set myself a goal of 5,000 words a week for the next 8 weeks (finishing Sunday 26th Feb).

That’s only 700 ish words a day…

But if I’m successful, that means I’ll have written about 40,000 words by the end which will bring the novel’s total to a very respectable 67,000 total.

Given that NanoWriMo and most other writing challenges focus on 50,000 words in 30 days, surely this is a realistic goal for me, right?

I will post weekly updates on what I have achieved, as well as sharing any interesting scenes I have written under this new category here, so if you’re interested, click the follow button, or subscribe via email, or follow me on the socials below!

Can I make a lifelong dream a reality this year? We’ll see…

Interested in my story? I have posted 3 different extracts already:

Opening Scene

Random scene between my MC’s (also my favourite scene I’ve written so far)

Second random scene, with a little bit of the ‘who hurt you trope’ with a twist

Wishing you all a happy and healthy year! Hopefully the secret faith of some invisible internet readers will help but me finally get this done.