So, in my post with my goals for the year, I mentioned that I was going to do a writing challenge to help kick my first draft into the realm of being finished. I was going to do 5000 words a week January- February.

How did is it going?

I wrote 3,000 words…

and that’s it so far.

In my defence, the project I’ve been working on at work was launching at the end of the month, I also failed my driving test, caught a cold, then a stomach bug. So, it’s been a little difficult. I wrote more than I might have had I not done wanted to do the challenge but I was burning out, bad. I had to sacrifice the WIP, there’s no other ball to drop.

So, I’m giving up. Fuck it. And I’m going to start again in March. Work will have calmed down a bit, my personal life will keep being busy but I’m going to figure out how to carve some time to write because I really want this to be the year I finish it.

Anyone who works full time, exercises and has a social life, if you have tips on how to squeeze in time to write, please pop them in the comments (except waking up early before work, I’m not that girl).

Anyway, check back in March…