I’ve decided to share a section from my first draft of one of my works in progress. I’ve also decided to just provide you with the below and nothing else, no context or explanation. I’m trying to be bold, as this is something I’ve held close to my chest for a long time, I’m using the three people who will probably read this as a first step to letting go a little. Someone’s gunna have to read it sometime…

It also doesn’t have a title because I’m been writing it under a nickname header for so long, I can’t currently imagine it under anything else.


Alvis was surprised to hear laughter as he approached the door to their apartments.

“She did the lip thing! Drink!”  He heard Holly shout out. An involuntary smile tugged at his mouth at the sound of it. Pushing open the door, he entered a glitter explosion. The floors were covered in it, as was the sofa and its two occupants. Holly rose to her knees instantly to face him, leaning heavily on the back of the sofa and James was forced to reach out to steady her. She was flushed and her green eyes were glazed slightly, the smell of alcohol hung heavily in the air, along with the scent of her.

“We’re playing a twilight drinking game!” She said, doubling over with laughter at the horrified expression Alvis’ face. 

“It’s actually more fun that it sounds.” James said, his words slurring slightly. Every inch of him was covered in glitter so that his skin shone when it caught the light. “We’re being human, apparently. Although, it’s really meant to be a prolonged torture for me.”

“Prolonged? It’s not that bad.” Holly argued. James turned to look at her.

“Five. There are five of these films and we’re only on the third. Not forgetting the years of this we endured when you were a teenager.”

Holly leaned over to cover his mouth with her hand. “Shhhh, I have a more important question to ask…” She waited until James’s eyes flicked back to her. “Team Jacob, or Team Edward?” James let out a snort that very nearly sounded closer to laughter than derision and released the hand he’d been using to steady her. Holly swayed slightly when he let her go and James took advantage of the momentum, giving her a gentle shove that sent her tumbling off the sofa. 

She bounced right back up, grabbing a bottle of vodka and a shot glass as she rose, advancing on Alvis, thrusting both items under his chin. “Come on, join us! It would appear that I know the exact amount of alcohol to get a vampire drunk.” Alvis glanced at James, who shrugged as if to say there was no point arguing with her. There was something settled about him, as though the electric energy usually running through him had dissipated.  Apparently, the ‘human day’ was working.  

Holly stood before him; her expression startlingly sober as she looked steadily into his eyes. “Come on, what harm can it do?” Alvis felt like he was facing the sun as he looked into her blazing eyes, tracing the line of her flushed cheeks and wide smile. Wordlessly he took the glass and the bottle from her and sat down on the sofa next to James. In the middle of his third shot he realised Holly had not sat down too but as he glanced around to look for her, a stream of glitter was dumped over his head. “There,” she said “now you look like proper vampires.”  Neither Alvis nor James could resist returning the glittering smile she shot them, both allowing their sharp vampire fangs to come forth,  eliciting a squeak of delight. 

“You do know we are vampires and not your toys right?”  James grumbled. Holly snatched the bottle out of Alvis’s hands.

“Stop being a little bitch and drink. New rule.” 

“I hate this game.” James grumbled again as he drank the shot Holly poured for him.


“I can’t believe I outlasted a vampire.” Holly said, gazing blearily at James’ sleeping form in one of the arm chairs. She was slouched in the sofa cushions, eyes heavy and her mind too cloudy to allow for proper judgment.

“You were making him drink triple shots for every rule.” Alvis replied, smiling at her. The more he’d drunk, the more ruffled his appearance became, his hair sticking up in tufts. He laughed at little more freely than he usually did, relaxing into the sofa as though a weight was lifting away from him. 

“It’s hard to get you guys drunk,” She countered, after a moment just a little too long to be conspicuous. Holly mentally chided herself to get a grip. “Like, right now, I think you’re still on the lighter end of drunk and the fake battle is just about to finish.”

“Well, you’re fairly lucid, even though you’ve been drinking since noon.”

“Lucid? Who even talks like that?” Alvis did not reply but reached for one of the feet Holly had flung across his lap and lightly ran his finger down the sole of one foot, causing her to jerk away swiftly. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry!”  

Slowly, she eased her legs back across his lap so she could sprawl back out across the sofa, grinning at him unapologetically as he lifted his hands to allow her to do so. Holly couldn’t help but be drawn to his every movement, watching him through eyes barely in communication with her mind, losing clarity and reason the more he caught her gaze with his. Alvis had been cracking jokes and telling stories more as the night wore on, his hands unconsciously reaching to tuck her hair behind her ears or fiddle with a piece of her clothing. 

Holly looked at him quietly as they lapsed into silence, actually watching the film for the first time that day. Alvis was absentmindedly running his fingers back and forth on her leg, gently tickling her but not in a way that was irritating. It was strangely intimate, more so than if he’d reached to hug her or kiss her. She wondered if he could sense her face growing warmer, or the way her stomach was churning. She sat watching him watch the film for a moment but he betrayed no hint of an agenda; it seemed as though it was really an unconscious gesture.  Holly reached for the remote and paused the T.V, fixing him with another surprisingly sober expression. 

“What am I to you?” She felt him tense instantly.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, am I an assignment, just a job and nothing else? Or am I this thing you’ve been burdened with and resent? Am I this shining magical thing, something you are impressed by but don’t care about? How much of what you think and feel is really you?” Alvis held up his hand to cut her off mid rant and sighed heavily. Holly pulled herself up from the slouched position she had been in.

“It is so complicated, Holly.”

“No it’s not. Either I am nothing or I am something.”

“You are something.” Holly relaxed slightly, a small smile traitorously appearing on her face before she could hide it. “I was never actually forbidden from caring about you.” He continued, his voice betraying no emotion and Holly could only see half his face as he stared fixedly at his lap. “Do you think me so heartless that I would not, after so long?”

“But… in what way do you care?” Alvis met her gaze to find a strangely fierce, intense expression within it. Full of life and humanity. He dropped his eyes and carried on speaking to his lap instead, weighing his words carefully.

 “When I was sent to guard you as a baby it was a punishment, a humiliation…” Holly willed her heart to stop beating so fast as he paused to think. “But as I saw your days pass, saw the wonders and the tragedies of a human life… over time I started to care. I cared when someone hurt or upset you, I hoped the things you did would be successful and I hoped that a better life would come to you before it was my duty to take it away.”

“You’re doing that thing again, where you talk around my question.” Holly’s voice was strangely quiet. Alvis finally met her gaze, his eyes as alive as hers.

“You were this distant thing but then I blinked and you were a grown woman, different somehow, even though I saw the years pass it caught me by surprise.” 

“You said before that guarding me and knowing me are two different things.” Holly said, trying to corral her fuzzy brain. More than once her eyes flicked down to watch his lips as he spoke. Try as she might to remind herself that this was their job, Alvis and James, to make her feel welcome, Holly was getting lost in it. Experiencing a sense of homecoming she had never felt in her life.

“It’s like the girl I have guarded and the woman I am speaking to now are two different entities. I know what trials she has suffered and yet, I do not know her at all.” 

“So I guess you meant it when you said it was complicated.”

“This isn’t exactly a normal circumstance.” They both smiled lightly at one another and he reached over, gently tucking a strand of hair behind her ears. Her heart raced again, his hands feeling like fire where they’d brushed her skin. She thought she saw the corner of his mouth quirk up and wondered if he had heard her heart beat faster.  Holly had always laughed at books that talked about this kind of feeling, a connection that felt like burning, this crackling energy ranging between them willing her to forget her mind. The moment fell between them softly, before she leaned back and coughed awkwardly and then laughed a little.

“Is it creepy though? I mean, there’s a huge age difference for a start.” Holly joked, making Alvis chuckle.

“Does it feel creepy?” He asked the question softly, some of the humour dropping from his voice. Holly considered him seriously.

“The feminist in me, who has read articles about this clichédness of this, wants to say yes but I’d be lying. You seem timeless in one way; old in other ways and yet young at the same time. If that makes any sense?” She slumped back down into the position she’d been in before, flinging her leg across his lap again.

“That’s exactly how I feel, a thousand years old and yet seventeen at the same time.”  He gave a deep sigh as he leaned back into the sofa cushions. Holly looked at him properly, ignoring the heart stopping beauty of him for a moment; only then did she fully understand the weight she’d noticed lifting from him this evening. Holly could almost feel the heavy burden of one thousand years spent as the Master’s soldier.  It only made him more beautiful.

“Seventeen?  No offense but you look older than me, like twenty three.” She teased, trying to bring him out of his reverie; her eyes glinting wickedly in a way that caused Alvis’s face to flush a little too.

“Not a fair thing to say! We lived harder lives when I was human. Not all of us spent our childhoods drooling over sparkly fictitious characters.” Then, moving so fast she almost missed it; Alvis threw the last of the glitter over her, laughing freely as she spat some of it out of her mouth. Using his surprising strength to lean over and pin her with one hand, he smeared the glitter around her face and neck some more as she struggled fruitlessly against the hand that held her. He ran his hands through her hair so that the glitter clung to the tangled strands, then his fingers traced from her temples to her cheek, following a line down her neck to the curve of her waist. He was breathing faster now, pausing for moment to look up at her. 

Holly was surprised by the strength of her reaction to his touch, alcohol lending her some bravado as her body arched under the hand that trailed down her waist to her hips. Alvis let out a breath she hadn’t realised he’d be holding, which came out with a sigh of frustration as he rocked backwards onto his knees; not expecting her to sit up with him so that the soft curve of her hips stayed beneath his fingertips. It was then they both realised that the position they had ended up in, her legs were either side of him, tangling with his so that she was wrapped quiet closely around him. Breathing faster than he was, Holly reached up, one hand following the same path his had done moments before, until she found the hem of his shirt. As she began to draw it up, Alvis’s knee accidentally pressed the play button on the remote and the sudden return of sound sent them springing apart. 

Alvis ran his hands raggedly through his hair, “that was probably for the best, if you think about it.”

“Thinking had nothing to do with it.” She grinned, yawning to cover the way her hands shook from the pounding in her veins. 

“Perhaps we should just leave the movie marathon here, it’s late.”  

“If you say so.” But she moved to her door anyway. Glancing behind her before opening it, Holly allowed herself a moment to enjoy the hungry expression on his face. “Goodnight, Alvis.”

“Goodnight, Holly.”

There you go. I did it! I shared the thing! Yes, I know there’s a few typos. This is a first draft that’s clocking just under 50,000 words, so I can’t catch every error and if I overthought posting this, I just wouldn’t end up doing it.

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