This book was an audiobook listen, Taunt her by Caitlym Dare, the first book in the Rebels at Sterling Prep series. I listened to this midway through reading The Folk of the Air series while I was working one day. This is what is classed as a ‘bully romance’, which is a genre that I’m still not sure if I enjoy or not but it was just meant to be fun easy listen while I was working.

A brief summary

Ace is the bad boy from the wrong side of town but when his rich uncle decides to suddenly take in he and his brothers, after years of letting them live in squalor but it’s an offer Ace can’t refuse because he wants his brothers to have a better life. However, he finds that he cannot let go of the past and decides that the preppy, rich, daughter of his uncle’s girlfriend, whom his uncle openly dotes on, will be the perfect tool for his revenge. Remy finds that she can’t resist the new ‘alpha hole’ at the school, she knows she shouldn’t trust him but she just can’t hep it.

My thoughts

Okay, so, first of all, apart from how the book ends, he genuinely does not bully her. He’s a dick to everyone else and he’s a little controlling but he does not bully her. There’s some weird turning up and waiting for her in her bedroom type shenanigans (maybe the author was a twilight fan…?) but I wouldn’t put this in the same category as the bully romance in Zodiac Academy for example. Second of all… look, it was an easy listen and maybe it doesn’t need to be deeper than that… it was okay, it entertained me while I was working, do with that what you will.

Do you have any bully romance/ enemies to lovers recs for me? Comment below!