Hello, I’m back sooner than you could have hoped!

Just a quickie, a small piece of wisdom I wanted to share.

Not only have I done a 5 week trip through Europe, I have also spent 7 weeks in South East Asia and two years I spent 7 weeks in South Africa. If there’s a type of transport you can think of, I’ve probably used it in the last three months.

However, all I have here is 3 itty bitty tips to tide you over.

My travel top tips:

  1. Get a decent travel pillow, not necessarily a traditional half donut pillow either, they are actually incredibly uncomfortable! (link to my little life saver is below).

  2. Invest in a travel plug that has USB ports; trust me, that’s pretty much all you’ll need it for. By a cheap normal plug for hairdryers and straightners but that sort of grooming flies out the window when you’ve been travelling a while.

  3. Pack your clothes in little ziplock/ freezer/ plastic bags. It makes them infinitely easier to reorganise in your suitcase as you go, keeps them fresh a little longer and makes stuff easier to find, as you are not removing every piece of clothing in order to find that one thing you need. One of those little suitcase tidy things works just as well but leaves no room for getting creative with space when your suitcase gets full of souvenirs.

That’s it, advice over.



As promised, keeping you up to date with my reading habits.


Today’s book

  • City of Fallen Angles- Cassandra Clare (link to info about book)
    I’m making my way through the Mortal Instruments series of books again, mostly due to the abysmal Netflix series that is “based” upon these books. I was re-reading them to confirm just how much they had changed/ ignored but I remembered how much I loved them and kept reading. I will admit to being a sucker for the tween/ young adult vampire type fiction and I shamelessly enjoy them.


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Link to the pillow:
The best travel pillow ever

Link to the USB plug I loveddddddddd:
Travel charger adaptor