Two years ago, I spent two months in South Africa, volunteering on game farms.

One of the best things I got to do was walk with their elephants on their morning trek.

*disclaimer: always do your research before doing any ‘volintourism’ because it’s very easy to end up in a dodgy place, where they care about your money more than the animals!*

Anyway, the pictures/ my facial expression will show you how much I loved it!

It was winter so the air was crisp and cool, with that fresh morning light, which follows sunrise. The big mumma elephant had been hand raised by people so she was very comfortable around us, which meant her baby’s also were. We could touch them if they were in the mood to allow it (and that was the only time the keepers let us, if the elephant’s felt like letting us close, they were never forced to do anything).

I met the elephant famous for being on the front of a popular liquor:

So sometimes meeting someone famous works out for the best!

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