10 reasons to travel

Granted, there are many reasons to put off that dream trip because it’s expensive, or scary, or you have a miserable sense of direction!

But then, there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t put it off, especially if you’re younger and it’s not like you’ve got a chance in hell of getting a house and other worthwhile things to spend your money on.

Here is 10 reasons why you should just go:

  1.  You get to experience things you never could have dreamed of doing.20258345_10156457122784937_8521961160167259512_n
  2. You get to see other cultures and learn about them from people who actually live there.
  3. You get to see history, not just read about it.21689390_132870610677613_3479877181478273024_n(1)
  4. You will learn more about yourself than you would think (it’s an obvious one, I know, but very true)
  5. The fucking sunsets:
    img_180520476202_10156495945234937_4669737948794328049_n18557325_10156207936989937_6162915934741475266_n20482321_2330916393800938_2576660282277363712_n6. And the sea too

    7. The chance to try food and drink, prepared by those who actually consume it.



    8. The people you will meet and how wierdly and quickly you’ll love each other.

9. You’ll learn how to pack light, learning in the process the material shit you can do without.

sad sammy

10. How much you’ll appreciate home when you come back!
happy sam

So there it is, now get going!

P.S. All of these pictures are my own, taken on an Iphone.

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