Starting a new category for my random blog, Writing Thoughts:

My thought for today is, the first story I ever wrote.

I was asked the other day:

“when did You know know you wanted to be a writer”

And the thing is, I’m not sure. I don’t remember wanting to be anything else, besides a famous actress but I did the whole kids theatre school thing and hated the long hours of rehearsals etc (plus, I sucked at it). To be an actress, you had to really love it and I just didn’t. I wasn’t prepared to do all that hard work for that but I’ve been able to do it in order to write.

It’s the first thing I remember wanting to do for a living. It’s why I loved the Harry Potter books so much, they made me want to be a writer. I remember watching a documentary about J.K.Rowling and seeing her go into her old bedroom, the one she’d lived in when she was skint and depressed, writing the first book; there on the bookshelves, was the entire book series’. No doubt it was deliberately done by the producers but I remember watching that and thinking ‘ I want that’.

The first story I remember finishing, written on my 101 Dalmatians notepad (pink paw prints on the pages, my friends) was a story about a dog’s antics, written from the dog’s perspective. I think I was around seven!

So, I was wondering what other people’s ‘ first stories’ were? Not one that was done because school made you but the first time you set pen to paper for the sheer joy of it.

Please please, write a comment telling me about your first story, play, poem etc, I’m genuinely curious about us writing nerds as a group of people! It’s not like other hobbies, which you have to go out of your way to try and learn. We’re forced to write stories in school all the time, so why does the ‘compulsion’ to write stick to some people and not others?

I look forward to hearing about your first forays into the writing world!

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