What I’m Reading- Glass Castle

First off: conclusion to my reading of The Carve the Mark sequel.

The ending was, in a word … Meh

Maybe she didn’t want to do anything too drastic after the reaction the end of the Divergent books got but the ending sort of made me go ‘huh, that’s it?’. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one because I wasn’t the first person to google to see if there will be a book 3 on the way. I loved the book itself and there’s a truly brilliant twist in it that was very very clever and well executed but I just felt like I needed more at the end.

Currently, I am reading ‘ The Glass Castle’. A film based on the book was released not so long ago and for once the film and the book seem to be pretty on parr with one another. A couple of details were changed but that was probably to get a lower age rating or make it less shocking, however, these changes are not major.

Link to info about the book

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