I’m currently on the third books in this series, which comprises books 7- 11 of my #100booksin2019 challenge (at which I’m failing miserably because of this stupid thing called work).  The series is also refferred to as the Vicky Nelson books and Blood books (it seems there were a few re- releases when the t.v. series came out), they are written by Tanya Huff

Now, I won’t deny, these books are a little cheesy. I bought them because they are based on a t.v. series I really enjoyed, which only got one season before being cancelled. It’s about a vampire in Toronto, who meets the ex cop P.I. Vicky Nelson and they end up investigation paranormal cases together. Sometimes the narration is a little more telling than showing and the point of view hops around with very little clue as to whose eyes your watching from until a few sentences in. That being said, I have genuinely enjoyed reading them! I enjoy fantasy fiction and I enjoy crime fiction, these books are the perfect matching up of the two. I also shamelessly enjoy the mushy romance/ love triangle in the books. Honestly, for an easy, enjoyable read, I would absoluely reccommend them; just be prepared to not take them too seriously!

Click here for the goodreads plot summary of the first book.


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Happy reading all my lovely book nerds!