Book number 15 of #100booksin2019 a.k.a the #nevergunnahappenchallenge was, in a word, meh.

I loved the film and recently went to see a version of it on the stage at the West end, so I decided to finally get around to reading the book I purchased a year ago.

Maybe it’s because I know the ending… maybe it because crime drama books aren’t really my thing but I did not enjoy reading this book. It was just too slow. I can appreciate how cleverly it was written and how who really killed the girl is a complete plot twist out the blue (if you didn’t already know the end from the film). I had to force myself to finish reading it because I hate leaving books unfinished (except Games of Thrones, I stand by my decision to give up on them).

It’s highly unusual for me to say this but I was extremely dissapointed by this book.

Here’s the Goodreads Plot summary if you are interested!

Sorry this review is a little short and sweet but I’m afraid I can’t get hyped over a book that I just did not enjoy!