Book number 21 of the year was Four by Veronica Roth, which is a version of the events from the Divergent series, told from Tobias’s (Four) perspective.

My only complaint is that it wasn’t longer! I had honestly forgotten how much I loved reading the Divergent series and it was so good to re-read them from Tobias’s point of view, especially as he’s so mysterious and hard to read in the books from Trish’s perspective. It was also interesting to see the puzzle pieces of the Erudite plans as he put them together before telling her, plus the ways he tried to protect her, whilst being desperate to let Trish know how he was feeling. More so than in the later books in the Divergent series, where it switches between their perspectives, you really feel his infatuation with her and how Tobias sees Trish as this strong, incredible person, you defenitely experience the depth of his feelings more in this than in the Divergent books.

You also get to experience more of the tragedy of his past, his life under his abusive father and the choices he made in Dauntless because of that, honestly, my heart broke for him a little bit. Plus, it contains some scenes that didn’t quite fit into the original narrative and so were great to read as little behind the scenes extras! The way his character changes was very cleverly written, considering that the author had to retrospectively go back to the begining of his journery as a character, after the triology was finished, in order to write and publish this; you really feel him starting to change, trusting in Trish more and himself.

Interesting in learning more about the book? Here is the Goodreads plot summary.


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