So, this year I am taking on the 100 books in a year challenge but this time I’m going to take a real crack at it. 2019 was a very busy year for me with work but I’m trying to sort out the whole work-life balance thing and I think making more time for reading could help with that.

So get following because there will hopefully be plenty of What I’m Reading category posts to come this year!

To complete this challenge I need to read around 8 books a month, so around 2 books a week would be ideal! This is going to be quite difficult and I’m already a little behind, as I’ve only read 3 so far this month! I’m hoping months where I’m on holiday will help catch me up on other months where I fall behind!

Luckily for me I own so many books, I probably won’t have to go looking for more and I’ll just work my way through all these books I’ve been hoarding for the last few years! Plus, there’s a couple of books due to be released by my favourite authors, which I’m really looking forward too.