So I accidentally went radio silent there for a bit, it’s been an intense couple of months at the day job but I recently started a new one that’s I’m hoping will give me a much better work-life balance- yay!

I have lot of updating to do on my progress on the #100booksin2020 challenge I set myself again this year, My total progress so far is 15, which is well off where I should be but I’m still a lot farther along than when I last attempted this!

The Great Gatsby was book number 3 and to be honest, after having seen the film I expected the book to be a lot longer! I enjoyed reading this and it’s a classic I reckon everyone should read but I don’t think it’s one you would re-read over and over again. Quite frankly, Daisy’s character irritated me no end, she was so… nothing, no personality, no defining characteristics but her ‘melodic’ voice. The only point she serves is to complete Gatsby’s whole lavish, shallow world, which was worth nothing in the end. All the passion, the extravagance that everyone associates with the 20’s. All the hundreds of people that came to his parties, or claimed to known him, or gossiped about him and not a single person came to the funeral except his father and Nick (the narrator); not even Daisy.

I would just say that I did like reading this but my main conclusion is that it was a book I read to simply read it, as it’s one of the classics I’ve never gotten round to reading. It’s not one that’s going to stick out in my mind I think!

As always, here is the link to the Goodreads page on the book.

Stay tuned for a mass update on the rest of the books I’ve been reading, if you’re not interested in my other stuff, just filter the categories for the ‘What I’m Reading’ posts!