My job that I have recently left for a new position somewhere else was constantly busy and all consuming, there was never enough hours in the day, my responsibilities were incredibly stretched. Work-life balance was not great either. This always left my brain fuzzy and I literally struggled to focus on anything when I was home, which left me constantly mooching through social media, with my brain melting slowly. It started to affect my ability to concentrate elsewhere, even at work (although, I will concede this may have been stress!).

Now there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of gormless screen time and certainly don’t suffer the affects social media can have on other people’s anxiety or self esteem. However, as I was trying to make a real attempt at the 100 books in a year challenge this time, combined with trying to get back into good habits with the gym, I have been having  a lot more screen free time.


I started small, just a few others in the evening, turning the t.v off after dinner and reading. This graduated to whole evenings, to whole days off spent reading, spending time outside and forcing myself to make plans with people even when I desperately wanted to be lie on the sofa all weekend. I spent a few hours colouring or painting (even though I am terrible). I finally did some projects around my room that I’d been putting off. I went to the gym, even though dragging myself in there felt like crawling across broken glass when I was really tired.

I will not claim to be a miraculously changed person, nor would the above activities appeal to everyone but all I can say is that I’ve been feeling happier, more energetic and once you get out of the habit of constantly picking up your phone, you don’t miss it. I never realised how much I missed quiet time spent doing something creative, or fun and indulged in a few hobbies. There’s a surprising amount of hours in the day if you don’t watch that extra episode, or don’t check instagram until later and especially if you don’t open tick tock!

Now I’m not shaming you or pretending superiority, like I didn’t lose three hours to tick tock videos this week but, and I cannot express this enough, try for a bit of balance!  Look after your mind and body a little.

… I realise this rant wasn’t particularly ranty, more an argument in favour! Don’t forget to follow, you can use the category filters to only view the posts you enjoy, most ‘Saracasm Diaries’ are observations, rants and just where I share some general thoughts.