Book 21 for the year was They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera because I was on a run with the sad books, so why not hammer it home?

Vague Summary

Death cast is a service which contacts people after midnight, to let them know they will die in the next twenty four hours. When you get the call you’re referred to as a ‘decker’ and there are night clubs, virtual experiences and cultural practices built around your final day. Including holding your own funeral while you’re still living. There are even apps for those looking for a final hookup and there’s also an app for people who’re alone on their last day called ‘Last Friends’, this is how our two main characters meet on their last day.

Mateo’s lost his mum, his dad is in hospital in a come and he doesn’t want to put his best friend through the trauma of his last day. Rufus is living in a group home because he lost his parents and sister the year before after they received their death cast notification and he didn’t. They died on their way to spend the last day together in their family cabin and Rufus survived them. Rufus got in trouble with the police just before he received his death cast call so he doesn’t get to spend his last day when them.

So that’s when they both log on to the last friend app and match with each other. Mateo is over cautious by nature, in an attempt to avoid receiving the death cast call so when it comes anyway, he is too scared to go out and only leaves his flat for his last day adventure when Rufus makes him. The book follows the story of Rufus and Mateo’s final day together, where they eventually reunite with all their friends and realise that they’ve met someone truly special but on their very last day.

My thoughts

Ummm my heart? Broken.

I’m sorry but I don’t know how a book titled ‘they both die at the end’ managed to hurt me so badly when the title does indeed come true. The whole way through the novel the author leads you down this path of believing they will die one way and when that doesn’t happen, you dare to take a breath of relief and then the author crushes your soul.

This books makes you fall in love with the characters and the love story it’s telling. It makes care SO much and then it takes it all way. The book is an amazing look at the beauty of life, not hesitating, not overthinking and appreciating what you have.

In conclusion, definitely worth a read but have your tissues at the ready.