I’m sure you’re all waiting with baited breath but here is the complete list of books I read or listened to in 2021.

Physical books

  1. Midnight– Skullduggery Pleasant book 11
  2. Bedlam– Skullduggery Pleasant book 12
  3. Armageddon outta here– Skullduggery Pleasant novella
  4. Maleficient Seven– Skullduggery Pleasant novella
  5. Seasons of War– Skullduggery Pleasant book 13
  6. The Lost Book of the White– The Eldest Curses book 2
  7. Apocalypse Kings– Skullduggery Pleasant novella
  8. Chain of Iron– The Last Hours book 2
  9. Shadow and Bone– Shadow and Bone Book 1
  10. Siege and Storm– Shadow and Bone Book 2
  11. Ruin and Rising– Shadow and Bone Book 3
  12. Dead or Alive– Skullduggery Pleasant book 14
  13. A Sky Beyond the Storm– An Ember in the Ashes book 4
  14. The Invisible Life of Addie Larue
  15. A Song of Wraiths and Ruin
  16. All the Bright Places
  17. From Blood and Ash – Blood and Ash series book 1
  18. A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire– Blood and Ash series book 2
  19. Crown of Gilded Bones– Blood and Ash series book 3
  20. The Starless Sea
  21. The Midnight Library
  22. They Both Die at the End
  23. Chosen Ones
  24. The Gilded Ones
  25. Song of Achilles
  26. King of Scars- King of Scars book 1
  27. Rule of Wolves- King of Scars book 2
  28. Maid
  29. High Mountain Court


  1. Six of Crows- Six of Crows book 1
  2. Crooked Kingdom- Six of Crows book 2
  3. An Ember in the Ashes- An Ember in the Ashes book 1
  4. A Torch Against the Night- An Ember in the Ashes book 2
  5. A Reaper at the Gates- An Ember in the Ashes book 3
  6. The Martian
  7. Carve the Mark- Carve the Mark book 1
  8. The Fates Divide- Carve the Mark book 2
  9. Skullduggery Pleasant- Skullduggery Pleasant book 1- The Faceless Trilogy
  10. Playing with Fire- Skullduggery Pleasant book 2- The Faceless Trilogy
  11. The Faceless Ones- Skullduggery Pleasant book 3- The Faceless Trilogy
  12. Dark Days- Skullduggery Pleasant book 4- The Death Bringer Trilogy
  13. Mortal Coil- Skullduggery Pleasant book 5- The Death Bringer Trilogy
  14. Death Bringer- Skullduggery Pleasant book 6- The Death Bringer Trilogy
  15. Kingdom of the Wicked- Skullduggery Pleasant book 7- The Darquess Trilogy
  16. Last Stand of the Dead Men- Skullduggery Pleasant book 8- The Darquess Trilogy
  17. The Dying of the Light- Skullduggery Pleasant book 9- The Darquess Trilogy
  18. Resurrection- Skullduggery Pleasant book 10- The Abyssinia Trilogy
  19. Midnight- Skullduggery Pleasant book 11- The Abyssinia Trilogy
  20. Seasons of War- Skullduggery Pleasant book 13
  21. Dead or Alive- Skullduggery Pleasant book 14
  22. Sabriel- The Abhorsen Series book 1
  23. Lirael- The Abhorsen Series book 2
  24. Abhorsen- The Abhorsen Series book 3
  25. The Bone Witch- The Bone Witch book 1
  26. The Heart Forger- The Bone Witch book 2
  27. The Shadow Glass- The Bone Witch book 3
  28. Henrietta and Eleanor: a retelling of Jekll and Hyde

So if we add those all together, that makes 57 books for the year in total!

I am aiming for 52 physical books this year but I think, given how busy my year is looking to be, that’s probably not going to happen but follow or subscribe if you’d like to come along for the ride in 2022.

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