I dunno why writing as either a hobby or a job makes you do some insane stuff but I thought I’d list the ones Pinterest leads me to believe are the most common, if I’ve been lied too then I guess I’m about to be outed on the internet as being a lot more peculiar than I’ve let on.

1- Conversations with yourself

Sometimes the only way to figure out a scene is to act it out with yourself, or talk it through aloud.

Mostly in the shower or when doing a mundane tasks, kind of like non-writers when solving arguments, except the arguments I solve are between fictional people in a world I made up.

2- The *writing ritual*

The vibe has to be *just right*, otherwise the words do not exist.

3- Notes… so many notes

Notes in your phone with random ideas, post-its and notebooks filled with off-kilter one line ideas that make absolutely no sense out of context. Especially if you like to write anything dark… it’s quite hard to explain why you have a notes with things like ‘dead body + alley, explains angry’.

4- Consistent existential dread…

Not to get deep but if there ever was a creative passion where imposter syndrome is an integral component, it’s writing. There are so many incredible writers out there and so many beautiful and inspiring stories. Although, not every thing you write has to be the next great work of art, I’d be lying if some part of me didn’t always secretly aspire to do just that.

5- Reading your own writing

With a mixture of pride and disgust… there’s no other way to do it.

I’d like to end things on some fun writer memes I found when I was making this blog:

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