There is no downside to doing a creative hobby (unless you’re like me a commit whole hog and spending too much to buy the stuff for said hobby). So I thought I’d come up with a list of ones that I think anybody could pick up.

  1. Writing
    – seriously though, anyone can do writing as a hobby. You can write stories and poems just for the hell of it, no one ever has to read them.
  2. Crotchet/ knitting
    Get yourself a wee little starter kit, watch a couple YouTube videos or Tiktok’s and make something cool.

  3. Hama beads
    Do you remember those bad boys from the 90’s? The cool beads on pegs boards, make some pointless pretty shapes, why not?

  4. Painting
    Some point as writing, you don’t have to show it to someone, just do something creative for the sake of being creative.

  5. Colouring
    Once again, who could be bad at colouring? There are no rules here.

  6. Playing an instrument
    This one might be a bit tricky if you’re like me and don’t have the slightest bit of a musical ear but hey, only people who live with you have to witness it.

  7. Crafts
    Make your now teddy kits from Hobby Craft? Home made cards? Who said these things have to stop with adulthood?

  8. Scrapbooking
    Use different pens, add stickers, use special tape, get creative with it and put your pictures somewhere special you can see them.

  9. Reading
    I think this counts in a creative hobbies list, I think reading is one of the few hobbies that requires no talent but allows you to entirely disappear into your imagination.

  10. Dancing
    There are so many fun adult dancing classes you can take, or you can do the dance fitness classes at your gym and combine your exercise with a creative hobby!

Now go! Get creative!