The third book I read in 2022 was the Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, another one that Tiktok loves and a bit outside of the usual genres I tend to read.

An incoherent summary

This story follows Kya, ‘the marsh girl’, who lives alone in the wild marshes outside of her remote town. When the former Jock, Chase Andrews, is found dead out in the marshes, the town immediately suspects the strange lonesome women. The narrative jumps between Kya’s childhood with her alcoholic, abusive father, the present day with the police investigation into Chase’s death and snatches from her life in her adulthood. Despite her comfort amongst nature and the creatures of the marsh, Kya find herself longing for connection and company. The story explores her relationship with the wild landscape around her and with two young men that she becomes involved with over the course of her life.

My thoughts

This is a beautiful book, the way the character’s connection to nature is described is so amazing. There’s an underlying narrative that is all about the basic human need to connect, to be loved, to love someone, about needing to be in touch with nature, about being alone but not lonely. There is romance but there is also the extra layer of the investigation and the prejudice that leads them to consider no other suspects besides someone whose only crime was that she sits outside of the norm… or so we’re made to believe.

I think this is definitely worth a read, it’s not my favourite thing that I’ve read this year but that’s not a fair assessment as I do gravitate towards the fantasy genre a lot more!

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