I’m not even sorry about how much I love this trope. I know it’s problematic, blah blah blah but I don’t care. This a list of books I’ve read with the ‘touch and you die’ trope in, plus some others I haven’t read, sourced from other places around the internet.

If I’ve read them, I’ve made sure to include the link to my review!

(I know this meme is about a different trope but the vibe is same same right?)

  1. The ACOTAR series, specifically A Court of Mist and Fury onwards.
    This series gives you many options with his trope: Rhys and Feyre, Nesta and Cassian, plus, platonically they all sit in the ‘touch them and die’ found family camp.
  2. The Shatter Me series
    Does Aaron Warner walk a super sketchy toxic line? Absolutely. Is he is still the king? Also, yes.
  3. Six of Crows duology
    I am huge Kanej fan (Kaz and Inej) but there’s plenty of fantastic relationships in Six of Crows: Nina and Mathias, plus, Jesper and Wylan, or give off ‘touch them and die energy’ and honestly? Not even in a toxic way.
  4. Throne of Glass series
    I’ve not even finished TOG yet but Aelin and Rowan, ENDGAME, I do not want to know otherwise, I will live in my ignorance until Sarah J Maas most likely comes to crush my soul.
  5. From Blood and Ash
    You know what? I know there’s LOTS of stuff wrong with these books but I do enjoy Casteel Da’ neer, Poppy is a bit meh but Casteel is great.
  6. High Mountain Court/ The Witches Blade (Five Kingdoms of Okrith series)
    Remy and Hale? Rua and Renwick? So much to choose from. I fucking love these books.

And that’s it from what I’ve read, I didn’t realise how few books I’d read with it in, even though it’s a trope I love, so here is a list of recs I’ve gathered from elsewhere:
There’s this whole list on Goodreads

Then, from a cursory search on Tiktok, here are a few recs that came up a lot, be warned some of these are definitely not for under 18 readers, so check the rating first please!

Did your book wish list just get 10 times longer? Because mine did. Got books to add? Drop your recommendations in the comments!