The 39th book I read this year was Scarred by Emily Mcintire, the second book in her standalone series: The Never After Series, a dark romance, ‘fractured’ fairy tale retelling inspired by the villains.

Plot summary attempt

The story begins following the death of the King and Prince Faasa, the scarred prince, is faced with the grim reality of his violent brother becoming King and the arrival of his brother’s betrothed, Lady Sara Breautraux. The story switches between Tristan and Sara’s point of view and we quickly discover that neither of them are quite as they seem, both are plotting against the new king and neither of them can deny the magnetic attraction they feel towards one another. Both are trying to figure the other out, while they continue their own agendas and scheming.

My thoughts

This book was literally meant to be an easy little plane read, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did! This lived up to my expectations as a dark romance, Tristan is dodgy as shit and the author and the MC don’t try to justify his actions (in fact, Sara sometimes uses his darker attributes to her advantage) but the passion between them? *chefs kiss*. Despite how cold and calculated he is, there is still excellent romance and tension, so the build up to the spicy scenes is fantastic. Plus the world building in surprisingly rich for a short novel, the characters have a decent amount of depth and the political backdrop to the romance is great.

So I will definitely be picking up more books in this series, as a bonus, they are also free on Kindle Unlimited!