This a completely biased and, in some cases, incredibly specific list that will probably give you a much bigger insight into my psyche than strangers on the internet should get but I’ve done a few of these tropes ones now so it’s too late to go back.

1. Fated mates

Oh yes. I am a basic bitch. Suck on it.

2. Epic long journey to get to the thing

Oh nooo they have to walk for weeks to get somewhere? It’s giving:

  • Cosy night by a fire with the love interest
  • Fun road trip banter until they all become one big found family
  • Little battles with spooky shit they meet on the road *preferably love interest does some protecting of the female protagonist who simultaneously does not protecting because she can protect herself, thank you very much *
  • Getting taught cool stuff by new found family whilst on the journey- especially training to fight
  • Shelter together for warmth vibes

Need I say more?

3. The Chosen one

Absolutely no need to examine this one.

I just want to be special and find out I have magical powers and have some sexy fairy man whisk me away to save a the kingdom, then I get to be the fair and just ruler of said kingdom, all the while claiming that I never wanted this responsibility and I never take any of that royal privilege too seriously…

Is that too much to ask?

4. All powerful MC whose an absolutely simp for the love interest

*coughs in ACOTAR*

** specifically ACOMAF **

*** maybe even ACOSF ***

5. Epic long battle which the MC’s only just survive by the skin of their teeth and the whole time you’re sat there thinking ‘shitttttttt’ and everything is literally resolved in the last chapter and then you’re sat there devastated and it’s 3 in the morning because you kept reading because you thought the author really was going to kill off all their main characters but in the end it’s a happy ending.

*looking at you Throne of Glass*

*side eyes ACOWAR*

*squints suspiciously at Skullduggery Pleasant and the EMOTIONAL DAMAGE the last book did to me*

*Burns Allegiant – the last book in the Divergent series (if you know, you know) *

Any to add? Drop it in the comments!