So, I finally did it, I bought a kindle. Despite my commitment to the dragon hoard, there are only so many books you can fit in a 6X4 ft room, plus if my work bag gets any heavier I might genuinely keel over backwards, so I needed a lighter option for books on the go.

Firstly, there are SO many books available on unlimited, I really didn’t expect popular titles to be on there for free.

Secondly, there are lots of rubbish, easy reads on there that I probably wouldn’t have purchased as a physical book but I have been able to enjoy because I don’t have to worry about it taking up space on my shelf.

Thirdly, it’s super light, I got a cute case and people can’t see the cover of whatever trash I am reading.

Does it compare to all the things I love about physical books? No.

Do I feel bad that I’ve had to add ANOTHER subscription with the Amazon Gods? Yes.

Has it made me buy less books? Nope.

Do I regret buying my kindle? Absolutely not.

Check out this post I made a while back weighing the pros and cons of audio, kindle and physical books, my opinion has not changed, except now I have chosen the option of having all 3 and just absolutely absenting myself from reality or a single thought in my brain.