Zodiac Academy by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti were numbers 27-35 for this year’s read count. This is a TikTok favourite and always approach them with low-ish expectations, so I picked this up as a filler read intending to only read the first one but I ended up reading all 7 in the space of about two weeks.

A sort-of summary

The story opens with twins, Tory and Darcy, in the human realm. They have aged out of the foster system and are barely scraping by when a mysterious guys appears, tracks them both down and forcibly takes them to the fae realm. Where they discover that they are actually the lost Vega twins and heirs to the Royal throne. After their father, the king, died and they went missing, the celestial council ruled in their absence and their children have been raised as heirs to the council, knowing that they are destined to rule… until the lost Vega twins are discovered. Fae society is built on survival of the fittest and the Celestial Heirs immediately rise to the challenge of battling Tory and Darcy for the throne… a throne they do not want, nor care about. The twin’s plan is to quietly survive their time at the academy so that they can be granted access to their substantial inheritance but as the heirs escalate the violence against them, they find themselves not only wanting to fight back for their survival but for the throne they never intended to fight for.

Pretty soon the girls discover that their true enemy isn’t the heirs at all and that there’s more at play here then even the celestial heirs knew.

My thoughts

I loved this series! The friendships are so good, the romances are amazing and they are some genuinely funny, sweet and charming moments. The world has a lot of depth for this kind of series and the writing is pretty good, what could have been a very cheesy series is actually really genuinely enjoyable and that’s probably down to the writing. The magic system is also pretty cool, especially the whole Zodiac element of it all. For the most part these are a pretty easy read, with some devastating moments sprinkled. Some of the criticism about these on tiktok is that there is a lot of filler content, but without it we would miss out on a lot of really cute moments between the characters. How the twins relationship develops with the Heir’s is really well done and quite natural, as are the romance’s that occur. It walks the line between elements that could have been toxic quite well too.

As a bonus these are all free on kindle unlimited so, yeah, I would definitely recommend them! Anyone who loves the fantasy genre, especially with a little smut sprinkled in, will enjoy these books, as you can tell they are written by people who love the genre.